Hay & Farm Implement Closeouts


Kubota BV4180PREMNET Baler


Closeout Features

Make quick work of silage, hay and straw with the Kubota BV4180! Built with the ability to handle all types of crops and field demands, the baler’s low profile pickup ensures all the crop is picked up and evenly fed into the bale chamber. Inside, three rollers and five belts ensure your bales are formed to your desired density and wrapped tightly, available in both Net and Net/Twine options. Kubota’s attention to craftsmanship means you’ll require less maintenance as you work through hay season after hay season. These balers come with Kubota's patented PowerBind net wrap system. This technology has allowed Kubota to get away from the old feed rollers and eliminate many high wear items. The net is fed directly into the bale chambers by injection plates. This design keeps the net tight at all times, which provides accurate and extremely reliable net injection. In addition, the PowerBind net system is extremely simple with a very low loading height (no tools required). 

  • High Capacity Pick-Up
  • Fork Feeder
  • Baling Chamber
  • Reduced maintenance
  • PowerBind Net Wrap
  • Focus Control Terminal


RTV Tires and Rims- ATV and Heavy Duty


Closeout Features

  • Kubota RTV (X1140, X1100, X900) Tires and Rims

Closeout Pricing

  • Heavy Duty Tire and Rim- $185 each
  • ATV Tire and Rim- $125 each

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